“Developing and testing psychological theory of deception and its detection.”

Our work develops an understanding of the cognitive processes involved in deceptive situations. Our work focuses on understanding how people make a lie or truth judgment, but also extends into cheating, persuasion, and organisational security. The ethos of the lab is to establish robust cognitive theory through experimental work.

The Social Conflict Lab aims to achieve two core aims.

  • Develop and test cognitive theories of deception and its detection
  • Improve judgments in deceptive environments by increasing accuracy and reducing bias

To tackle these issues, we examine the causes, processes and outcomes of human thinking.

You can find more detail under our Research section.

If you have an interest in joining the lab as a PhD student, masters student, or undergraduate research assistant, contact the lab director on the Contact page. If you are a member of an organization and would like to discuss the possibility of working together to better understand conflict in its various guises, check out the Work With Us page. You can keep up with our research on Twitter.