I am available to contribute to science-based events in the public interest. You can see more of that on my Speakeezee page.

Our work has been covered by science and public interest outlets such as The Independent.

Below are a small number of examples of our events.

Detecting Deception in Child Abuse and Neglect Cases

Can the science of lie detection help social workers determine when a caregiver is abusing or neglecting a child? This Masterclass delivered to social workers in the North East of England considers how people make lie-truth judgments, and how scientific theory can be brought into practice.


2053 AD. Humankind has harnessed the super abilities of comic book and science fiction. And now the battle between good and evil continues at a heightened pace.

SuperLAB is a mini-series of events mixing science and art to explore the techniques artists use, how science and art influence eeach other, and whether the super abilities conjured up from comic books and science fiction can soon become a reality.

The Lying Game: Unconscious Lie Detection

For more than 30 years it has been said that we should trust our hunches and unconscious knowledge of body language. Our work, described in a new journal article, shows that we would be better off consciously relying on a single “cue”, such as whether or not a person is plainly thinking hard.

You can read the full stories at The IndependentEurekaAlert, Keene Trial Consulting, and many more.

Explay Games Jam

A joint venture between The Wellcome Trust and the London Science Museum. Computer programmers and designers took part in this marathon 24-hour games jam to design a computer game based on the secret theme we revealed at the start of the event: deception