Lab Director

chrisstreetChris N. H. Street. Obtained his PhD at UCL, London, before becoming a postdoctoral fellow at UBC, Vancouver. He is currently a member of the International Research Centre for Investigative Psychology, and the Secure Societies Institute. His research explores the cognition of social conflict. Twitter: @cnhstreet

PhD Students

Greg Best. Research topic: A Theoretical Approach to Social Engineering.

Dominic Willmott.

Masters Students

Name. Research topic: Thesis title.

Recent Alumni
Jed Goddard, Siobhan Hemingway, Daragh Howard, Mohammed Taahaa Kacholia, Hayley Oldfield, Chelsea Wagner.

Undergraduate Students

Ikra Amin. Project: What Makes a Good Liar?
Nafisa Asghar. Project: Change Blindness and Video Gaming.
Lubna Hussain. Project: ADCAT and the Decision to Lie.
Kerri Taylor. Project: tbd.
Christopher Timmins. Project: Gender differences in perceptions of criminal offences.

Research Assistants
Ikra Amin.
Sam French.
Callum Griffin.
Tom O’Toole.

Academic Collaborators

Walter F Bischof, University of British Columbia, Canada.
Rick Dale, UC Merced, US.
Nicholas D Duran, Arizona State University, US.
Hannah Fawcett, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.
Toke Fosgaard, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Lorelei Howard, German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, Germany.
Maria Ioannou, University of Huddersfield, UK.
Catrine Jacobsen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Sarah Jordan, John Jay College CUNY, US.
Saul M Kassin, John Jay College CUNY, US.
Alan Kingstone, University of British Columbia, Canada.
Maria Hartwig, John Jay College CUNY, US.
Jaume Masip, University of Salamanca, Spain.
Daniel C Richardson, University College London, UK.
David R Shanks, University College London, UK.
John Synnott, University of Huddersfield, UK.
Miguel A Vadillo, King’s College London, UK.
Bruno Verschuere, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.